A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

The Kick Off 2 spiritual successor with Graphics by original author Steve Screech

An authorised reboot of the 90s football game Kick Off 2 but also inspired by the classic games: Microprose Soccer, Sensible Soccer, Tehkan World Cup

AfterTouch Soccer is an old-school remake made by Kick Off World, a group of retrogaming fans & developers, a love letter to ANCO football games on Amiga & Atari ST with the help from Steve Screech who kindly give all his graphics into the project.

The most obvious feature on Aftertouch Soccer is the lightening-fast pace, which probably can put many people off the game initially. But you can set slower speed on options if you feel more comfortable with slower gameplay.

Another feature is the way the ball doesn't "stick" to your players' feet, as it has been the convention in football games for years. You can however set ball control to glued on easy setup.

But what the game is real focusing, is the ability to swerve the ball with AfterTouch. Aftertouch add a bend effect to the ball to left/right/height just after clicking the button, was introduced on a football game in 1985 by the arcade game Tehkan World Cup, later on 1988 was introduced for first time on Home Computers by Sensible Software on Microprose Soccer with the name "Banana Kick". Despite the fact Kick Off (1989) and Player Manager (1990) were inspired by Tehkan World Cup (Steve Screech convinced ANCO to create a series of top-down Sport games after he saw Tehkan WC) didn't have any curve effect on ball, It was only with the "Kick Off Extra Time" Data Disk (1990) and later with "Kick Off 2" (1990) that aftertouch evolved to handle anso height on kicks. But with Sensible Soccer and later SWOS Aftertouch effect on ball became extremely popular on every PC, Home Computer and Console Platform thanks to a more friendly way to handle ball direction after the kick.

However, perseverance (and practicing with the game set also at 75% or 50% speed!) eventually pays off and you'll be so glad you stuck with it when it does. Suddenly, what had been frustrating battles to keep control of the ball will become skilfully orchestrated passing moves. As you get to know your team's formation and each player's strengths your confidence grows, seeing you spread cross-field passes to that speedy winger on the left (R. Shaw!) or keeping it on the deck and playing it through the middle to the feet of your star striker to turn and shoot from 30 yards.

The game features the usual friendlies, league and knockout cup tournaments, plus a "EURO CUP 2016" finals with the almost real player lineup.

It's how the game performs on the pitch that counts and once you have mastered the "beautiful game" you'll find there really is no substitute for Aftertouch Soccer. Add in the classic "after touch" allowing you to bend and dip your shots, and a randomness to the action – if the ball hits the frame of the goal, you never quite know where it will rebound to – and you end up with a classic football game which still plays very well today. It might not look as pretty as other football games, but this just adds to the charm and suggests that more development time was spent perfecting gameplay rather than aesthetics – substance over style.

This game is not using source code or it's not cloned /reverse engineered from original game. It's a free football game inspired by ANCO games made in late 80s and early 90s on Commodore Amiga and coded, designed from scratch by fans. Aftertouch Soccer graphics and sprite animations are from original creator Steve Screech and used on this game with his authorisation .

Key to use on game:

I: Change Camera: 3 Top Down heights (only on 1.1 beta)

To select the team you want to play on Cup, League or EURO 2016 just click on the "C" column.

You can choose to play as a manager clicking on "CPU Only" before the match

You can play "in position" controlling a single player clicking "J" and selecting the player you want to control on field clicking on last column o the right. You can click "F" to fix the camera on the player you control

Arrows or Q W O K: Move the player

B or CTRL: Kick/Header/sliding tackle

N or ALT: pass the ball to other player

1 2 3 4: Select tactics

5: Goalkeeper attacking on opponent Penalty area

A: Sound ON/OFF

P: Pause

C: Player substitution

T: Full Screen Window

X: Radar size

F + numpad 2 4 6 8: zoom to one player only

R: Replay

D: Save Replay

S: Speed on substitution/Replay

K: Change Home kit

J: Change Away Kit

if you like AfterTouch Soccer try also The Soccer Player Manager, the managerial game: https://kickoffworld.itch.io/the-soccer-player-manager

facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kickoffworld/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kickoff2world

twitter: https://twitter.com/kickoffworld

Website: http://www.kickoffworld.net

DOWNLOAD BETA 1,1 PC Windows, Mac OS, Linux:



Aftertouch Soccer 1.0 PC Windows 18 MB
AfterTouch Soccer 1.0 Mac 19 MB
Aftertouch Soccer v1.0 apk Android 11 MB
Aftertouch Soccer 1.0 Flash Portable PC Windows Mac Linux 14 MB

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